E-911 Dispatch Center

The 911 Center for the City of Norton is the first point of contact for the public in emergency and non-emergency situations. All emergency personnel are dispatched by this 911 Center. The CAD (Computerized Aided Dispatch System) is managed by 8 full-time dispatchers in which they effectively monitor all responding emergency personnel.

In 2017, the 911 Center processed 7,083 calls to police, 170 calls to fire, 1,217 calls to rescue and 353 calls to animal control, for a total of 8,823 requests for service. The total emergency and non-emergency calls through the 911 center totaled 28,658, with 4,269 calls being 911 related and 24,389 received through non-emergency phone lines.

The 911 Center may be reached for emergencies by dialing 911 and for non-emergency calls the number is 276-679-1211.